Executive Physicals

Northwestern Executive Health offers a healthcare experience that is truly second to none by facilitating appointments with a team of Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s finest internists and top specialists.

At Northwestern Executive Health, we believe health encompasses much more than simply physical well-being. In addition to providing a comprehensive physical evaluation, our expert team will explore ways in which stress levels, emotional health, and lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and nutrition impact wellness. Our internists see only a few patients each day, so they have ample time to spend evaluating and addressing each patient's concerns. For any issues that might require specialty consultation, Northwestern Executive Health patients have full access to over 1,700 physicians representing virtually every medical specialty. A private suite, five-star level service, and a carefully orchestrated schedule ensure that your experience here will be efficient and productive.

At Northwestern Executive Health we are passionate about helping our Members achieve and sustain optimal health by jointly setting health goals and identifying specific, measurable steps. Come experience why Northwestern Executive Health consistently ranks as one of the country’s top programs!

Executive Physicals Program Highlights

  • Full-day comprehensive annual examination that addresses all health concerns
  • Personalized executive physical to address your healthcare needs and goals
  • Pre-visit telephone consultation with internist
  • All testing and diagnostics generally completed in one day
  • Same-day test results and review with internist
  • Assessment of fitness and nutritional status and evaluation of lifestyle and personal goal setting
  • Action Plan with medical and wellness recommendations
  • Twelve months of unlimited follow-up coaching on nutrition and fitness

Visit the Planning Your Visit page for more information on our Executive Physicals program, or click here to request an appointment.